Friday, May 27, 2011

Kiss the Boo-boo

This afternoon I sat at my computer, catching up on my Facebook friends and Kate was happily playing in the floor. She decided she wanted to join me on the couch, so she began to climb up to be next to me when she lost her balance and fell back to the floor. She landed on her little Sesame Street sofa, so she was unharmed, but naturally she did not think so and because I gasped when she fell, she cried. I asked her where it hurt and she pointed to her leg. So began the routine that we go through every time she gets a boo-boo now.

I kissed her leg, and then she held up her foot. I kissed her foot; she pointed to the other leg. I kissed the other leg, and she held up the other foot. I kissed the foot; she gestured to her arm. I kissed her arm, and she raised her hand to me. I kissed her hand; we repeated the process on the other arm and hand. Between each kiss I ask, "Anywhere else?" and she always has more places for me to kiss. Often times we repeat this little routine and I have to kiss her all over again.

That's ok by me. I could kiss those little hands and feet all day long.

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