Thursday, June 23, 2011

Animal watching

The birds were a lot of fun to watch this morning. We saw several different kinds before I had my camera out. Maybe tomorrow morning I can capture some of them.
Then the mischievous squirrels showed up and the birds all left.
These two fought over who was going to get to hang from the bird feeder.
This little guy was ultimately the winner.

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{S} said...

gorgeous shots! reminds me of stalking humming birds in my cousins yard when we house sat for her last summer. I could sit out there (and did) for hours. LOL! Took hundreds of pictures too.
That squirrel is hilarious! Enjoy your vacation and the wedding. Nicks happy dance is awesome! Geo used to do one sorta like Nicks to the beat of Alias back when it was on TV. I miss it! The dance! not the show! Gah! LOL!