Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brandi the Tool Chick Korte

I am happy to report that the trim in the hallway has been successfully replaced, as well as the few pieces in the kitchen that were damaged by Nick's cat. I'm also happy to report that the cat is declawed and healing nicely. Having the surgery done was not something that I wanted because it's really such a harsh operation, but the poor girl just wouldn't stop scratching the walls. Nice walls or kitty claws - I choose the walls.

Cutting the corners wasn't as bad as I was expecting, although the first 3 cuts I made were totally wrong. Of course I started with the hardest trim pieces, so perhaps that was my problem. I finally got my bearings and once it made sense to me it was easy going.

Today I emptied the closet in the spare bedroom of all the storage stuff that was stacked in there and took it to our rented storage unit. I rearranged everything in there so make more room because part of my agenda this week is to begin packing some stuff to make the house less cluttered.

This afternoon and evening I removed the broken storm door from the front door to the house and put it on the curb. Some guy picked it up about an hour later. I had to repaint the trim on the front door, so I also painted the trim on the side garage door. Then I started looking at the screen door on the back door that goes into the yard and realized it was rotting so I removed the screen door and it will go on the curb tomorrow. Removing the door meant I removed the trim around the door too, so I had to go to Home Depot and get supplies to re-frame the door. After I hung that up I began painting it as well. Today was kind of a door day I guess.

Now all the door trim needs second coats tomorrow and I can start packing some stuff in the office, which is what I had originally set out to do today but got distracted.

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Jamie said...

Way to go, Brandi! And do you already have a new house picked out?