Thursday, June 9, 2011


Do I have a house picked out yet? That was the question posed so innocently by my friend Jamie in response to all of my home improvement projects. Why yes, Jamie, as a matter of fact I have about 20 of them picked out.

Over the last few weeks when my buying a new house vigor returned I quickly eased back into my nightly habit of house hunting and driving around neighborhoods. The internet is such a wonderful thing. I am pretty sure that people who bought houses prior to the world wide web didn't have near this much fun with it. That one tiny black and white picture in the newspaper just isn't the same as up to 25 color photos of every room and yard of every house for sale in any city you could possibly dream of. I spend a great deal of my evening down time browsing through the listings on, moving the map around and contemplating areas to live in.

Some nights I even convince Nick that I've found enough potential houses in a given area that we go drive around and look at them from the car. It's an important part of the process because many of the houses I've saved online I have quickly deleted once we got home because of the neighborhood or just the neighbor's house itself. You don't get to see photos of that online.

Nick actually called me obsessed about this house stuff the other day. I suppose he could be right, however I just prefer to call it focused and driven. I've got to keep the drive alive so I can get things in order and we can get our home on the market. We're close!

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Jamie said...

Awesomeness. I would be doing the exact same thing. In fact, I kind of am now ... but for a worship facility/outreach center/office for us here. It's amazing how quickly the evening goes by when looking at realty sites! Happy house hunting!