Monday, June 13, 2011

Fail. Or laziness.

Confession: I've pretty much stopped doing my Project 365 for the time being. Not that I don't take a photo every day, because often that is the case. But I've fallen so far behind on posting those photos to my Flickr stream and then posting them here that, well, I've just let it go to the point where I don't care to catch it up. Sorry.

On a positive note, I feel like we're there in terms of having the house ready.
Oh sure, there are (and probably will be until it sells) little things here and there I could/should do, but it is time. I photographed the house, edited them until they looked beauti-mous, and emailed them to Craig, our realtor. That's pretty much official, right? We just have to wait for him to send us the listing agreement to sign and pay the man his up front fee. Then begins the process of showings. I am anxious and nervous and excited about that. All we need is one buyer though, you know. Just the right person and we are set. So that's my prayer.

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{S} said...

best of luck! and about p365. I am current in the project but not in the sharing part too. The poor FB page for it became depressing with only one person sharing. :~( I might try one more time to revive it. We'll see.