Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gettin' dolled up

Tuesday morning Kate found herself unsupervised for a few minutes in Mommy and Daddy's bathroom, so she did what she always does when that happens and got into Mommy's makeup drawer. Usually she goes for the foundation sponge but on this happy morning she opted for black eyeliner instead.At least she sort of had the general idea about where it goes. Her entire eyelid was black. While I was trying to get a rag together to clean her off (and grab my camera) she grabbed the foundation and began to apply that as well so I just went with it and let her play.
She loves the foundation sponge. She usually ignores the bottle itself, but today she was determined to get some out of that bottle. I had thankfully locked it closed so she couldn't get any out, but that didn't keep her from trying.
She gave up on getting any liquid out of the bottle finally and just rubbed the bottle itself on her cheek. That has the same affect, right?
I'm just so very thankful it was only black eyeliner and not a black Sharpie.


More like....etc. said...

I LOVE KATE fingers!!! I want to eat them!!! :D

{S} said...

omgosh she's such a girly girl! so cute!!