Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Day in Tennessee

On our final day in Tennessee, we decided to make it a lazy hang out around the house day. This was partially because it rained off and on all day, so that sort of messed up our plans to take to downtown Nashville and walk around a bit.
Instead we were able to go to lunch with the newlyweds and their families, by happy coincidence. We didn't realize that Richie and Fiona were not leaving immediately on honeymoon since her parents were here from Germany, so they were at church on Sunday morning and invited us to join them for lunch at Monells at the Manor. Situated in an old plantation home next to the airport, Monells serves yummy southern dishes family style. We had fried chicken, tenderloin, roast beef, corn casserole, green beans, pecan pie, home made cornbread and rolls, mashed potatoes, and probably some more stuff that I'm forgetting. It was tasty!
After lunch, we spent the afternoon being lazy and lounging. I took advantage of being somewhere with a washer and dryer and did our laundry so that I wouldn't have to when we arrived at home. We hit the road at 11:15 pm and I drove the first leg. I was hoping to make it to Memphis but my energy tank ran out at 1:15, so Nick and I switched and he drove until we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Texarkana, Texas. We arrived back in Fort Worth at 11:30. It was a long drive but we made good time.

Next road trip: Colorado in August.

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