Friday, June 24, 2011


One of our friend Nancy's passions is quilts, and she has quite an impressive collection. Today she showed me her prize quilt:How gorgeous indeed! She purchased this quilt from a lady for $75 who had it stored in a box that it had been sitting in for 100 years or so. This quilt was made in the 1800s! Nancy had it appraised at one point, and it is worth over $4000.What makes this quilt so special is the technique for the designs, called trapunto. It's apparently quite difficult to achieve by hand. The quilting itself is also done about every quarter inch, so there are literally hundreds of thousands of stitches on this quilt.When she purchased the quilt, it was brown from absorbing the pigment of the box. Nancy spent hours washing and scrubbing and sunning it to restore it's beautiful white color. I think it's lovely!

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{S} said...

WOW! that is gorgeous!