Friday, June 24, 2011

Nashville Zoo

We took Kate to the Nashville Zoo today. We spent around three hours and saw pretty much the whole zoo, except for the section with the regular farm animals that we've seen a hundred times. Kate has been watching Madagascar in the car a lot, so it was fun to point out to her all the animals that she knows from the movie. Nancy was off work today, so she accompanied us to the zoo. Despite living in the area for 16 years, she has never been so it was a real treat for her to go with us. It was a beautiful day; not too hot and there was a pretty nice breeze all day.
There was a petting zoo portion, but Kate wasn't interested in touching any of the animals, which made her Daddy very happy because he has germ issues.
In fact, the majority of the day she was more interested pushing her stroller around than even looking at the animals. At least she was happy for the majority of the day.
The last exhibit was my favorite: the elephants. I keep telling Nick that I want a baby elephant but for some reason he doesn't think we need one. I will hold out hope for one though. I think Kate would really enjoy that, don't you?

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{S} said...

LOL!! baby elephants grow up to be BIG Elephants...