Monday, July 25, 2011

Chan's Mongolian stir-fry

Chan's might just be my favorite restaurant. It's a local Mongolian stir-fry place. I could pretty much eat there every single day, if I had unlimited funds and superior metabolism. Kate likes it too, and Mandy and I often take her there before church on Wednesday nights. That's exactly what we did last Wednesday.

My plate is always made the same way: a mixture of chicken, shrimp, and crab meats with some broccoli and carrots. If I'm not sharing my food with Kate, I also add peppers but often I have to give her some of mine so I don't add them always. I top that with a couple of heaping spoons of garlic, and occasionally some sesame oil. Of course is just isn't complete without the fried rice. When Nick gets to accompany us to Chan's, his plate is always a concoction of all the meats they offer and noodles, along with rice.
While my favorite part of the meal is the stir fry portion, Kate's favorite part is the fortune cookie and little bowl of ice cream. Were the stir fry not so wonderful, I would agree with her completely.

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{S} said...

I love those black & white shots. I miss your 365's...
Now I might have to cook some stir fry and dig out the chop sticks... :~)