Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meeting Ben

Jen is in Texas with the girls and new baby Ben to visit family, so we were very excited to have an afternoon play date with the kids and others from church. I don't pass up a chance for baby snuggles.
The moms sat around the table and chatted for a few hours while all the kids ran around the house and played. It's amazing how noisy a handful of kids can be. Kate wasn't very sure of herself when we first arrived because she was in a new place, but after I finally got some food and Koolaid (SUGAR!!) in her, she settled right in to playing with the rest of the group.
I wish we could see the Feldkamps more often. Kansas is too far away!

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Jamie said...

Oh, I'm sad I can't see that photo of everyone in full-size! Can you send it to me? Miss you all!