Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kate's Baby Book

I went to a scrapbook retreat last week. I was away from my child for 3 nights and 4-ish days. Daddy was in charge, although he had some major help from his mom and Nana. I missed that little girl of mine, but I didn't feel all that far away from her because the major project I worked on while I was there was her baby book. I had started it, done a few minor things to the book but for the most part taking care of her has kept me from spending very much time with my scrapbook supplies in the past 20 months. She's such a little helper, and now if I so much as look at my stuff she wants to play too.

I purchased a baby book for her instead of just making a scrapbook from scratch, although I could have easily done just that. I didn't really like all of the pre-printed pages, so I only used a handful of them to fill out information about Kate. The rest of the pages I completely covered with scrapbook papers and did my own thing. The pages are 9" x 10". It was interesting working with an awkward size, but I enjoyed the process. I still have a few pages to finish up but for the most part, here is her book:

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Cindy said...

Awesome book!

Going digital would resolve your scrapping issue. And I have never regretted switching. Just something to think about.