Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday evening Kate played in the sprinkler for a little while. She has a whole system down for running through the water. She begins by just standing next to the water to get her hands wet. Then she uses her hands to hold the water down so that when she runs through she keeps her face from getting wet. This doesn't stop her from squeezing her eyes closed anyway.
Then she starts all over again.
In between laps through the water, she makes little pit stops to sit and contemplate life, or perhaps just admire her shoes.
She always makes sure to climb on top of and over her sandbox that has no sand in it named Tuggy. There is a good reason why it has no sand. We have a family of grass snakes that live in our backyard, and the last time I lifted up the empty sandbox just to see what was underneath there were 6 of them hanging out under there. Now they are tiny little grass snakes and won't hurt anything, but I'd rather then not hang out inside the it sits empty. But it makes a nice jungle gym.

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