Friday, July 1, 2011

YAWYK June Update

I rocked June OUT!

In June, I removed 312 items from our home! It does wonders when you start to pack items to move to storage. You discover all sorts of junk stashed here and there; items you haven't even seen, let alone used, in six or more months. So off to Goodwill or the trash they go!

We obtained 95 items, which isn't bad at all. 24 of those items came home with us from Tennessee (Hobby Lobby was having a huge 80% off sale on home decor!) so I'd say we did a pretty fine job on obtaining stuff this month.

For 2011, we've removed 1105 items and obtained 478 for a net total of 627 items removed. We are over halfway to our goal!

In other home news, we've been on the market for two weeks now and had three home showings. I'm really excited about that, because it means good activity on our property. I was so worried that we would list the house and no one would want to come see it. I guess that's a normal anxiety when you are selling a home, but to have people actually looking makes me feel good. Naturally I'd feel even better if one of them makes an offer. Of course we've also received several phone calls about renting the house, which is not an option. But hey, if you know someone looking to pick up a new rental property in Watauga, I have one available! I bet he could have it rented in 2 weeks.

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