Saturday, August 27, 2011

Backyard Oasis

I finally bought Kate a little pool for our backyard. They had them on clearance at Babies 'r Us last week, so while we were there getting her a booster chair for the kitchen table (no more high chair!) I picked one up. By the way, I found it quite amusing that the box for this pool stated it was for children ages 4 and up. Given how tiny it is, I don't know a single 4 year old that would play in it. It's almost too small for Kate, but it will work for now since she doesn't actually swim yet. I know it's just for safety reasons, but it still cracked me up.
At some point, it became apparent that Mommy needed to swim too. It's small, so about all I could do was stand there and splash her. She enjoyed it though.
Then Kate realized she could take her watering can and water the yard...and the flowers....and the patio...and Mommy's legs.
Which of course led to her drinking out of her watering can. I'm glad Nick wasn't around because I'm pretty sure he would've flipped out and told her to stop...but honestly, what's summer if you can't drink water from the water hose? I did, however, ask her not to do that after I took her photo doing it.
I think she likes the pool, and Mommy liked playing in it with her. We'll be filling it up again soon, since I don't think the heat is going anywhere for a little while.

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MoODFoto said...

Gah! she is too cute for words... Record heat in Texas requires lots of water play and drinking! Have at it! :~)