Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Mixer Makeover

I have been coveting a Kitchenaid stand mixer for quite some time now. I have managed to survive for 33 years of my life with just a rinky dinky little hand mixer, which is pretty amazing given how I like to bake. But I have not wanted to, or really been able to, fork over the $299 or however much they cost to purchase my own. I realize there are other, less expensive brands on the market...but come on - doesn't everyone want the luxury model?

Enter awesome sis-in-law. She carves a mean pumpkin, you know, and last year she entered and won a $500 gift card for one of her pumpkin carvings. Yeah, she's that good. Anyway, this allowed her to purchase the industrial sized Kitchenaid mixer so she would have a momma and a baby. After a while she realized that she only ever uses the momma, and the baby was gathering dust. I came home from Colorado to find her baby Kitchenaid sitting on my counter with a post-it note telling me to have fun. Woooohoooooo.

This week I had to borrow a Cricut for a project, and while I had it in my possession I made sure I also had vinyl so I could do some extra fun stuff with the Cricut while it was here. Enter baby mixer.
I know! Isn't she pretty? I cut some flourishes and flowers. I'm just thankful my friend had an awesome Cricut cartridge with lots of fun designs to use.
The best part is that it's just basically a really strong sticker....so if need be, someday I can remove them. But they are on there good enough that I don't have to worry about them peeling off randomly.
I thought this was clever. I couldn't resist. I love words in unexpected places.
This flourish and these flowers will also show up in another craft that I worked on today. I've been a busy little bee lately.


Angy said...

CA-UTE! It is like your mixer got all Tatted Up! LOVE IT... Now, I know what I am going to do should I ever be the lucky recipient of a Kitchen Aid. So jealous, I have always wanted one but just reluctant to shell out the $$ for it.

mandy said...

wow! how very nice of her!

MoODFoto said...

Very cool!