Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Dinner

We had dinner at Hacienda Colorado this evening. It was a great opportunity for some family time and pictures. There were 17 of us and being in Colorado, where the weather is so much nicer than Texas in August, we were able to dine out on the patio.

Here's Nick giving his stepsister Sydney a hard time, as he always likes to do. She takes it well though. That's his other stepsister Amanda in the blue shirt, and Dad and stepmom on the far right.
Uncle John was trying to hold Kelsey still so I could take her picture, because apparently she doesn't like for you to photograph her. Nick's cousin Amber is in the background.
Here I am with the Nick's lovely stepsister's and one of my mother-in-laws. They're a totaly crazy and fun bunch to hang out with.
The obligatory group shot. I'll list everyone, from left to right, because someday I may not remember all of their names. Ha!

Grandpa Jim and wife Carol, stepsister Amanda and boyfriend Russell, cousins Kelsey and Amber, Robbie and Joe, Nick, Aunt Wendy, stepsister Sydney, then coming around the front there's me with Kate trying to climb onto my shoulder, then Uncle John and sister Krystal.
My little brother is tucked away in the photo. His face was visible in other shots until Kate dive bombed for Mommy.

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