Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jerry World

Mandy and I went to the Cowboys Stadium today for a self-guided tour. We bought a Group-on for only $10 each, which I thought was a decent price for a little bit of sight-seeing today. I think it's almost a necessity that everyone living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area visit the Texas Death Star at least once.
It's a nice facility, that's for sure. There is no doubt which team plays there because everywhere you turn there's a star or something blue and white, except for a very large, very ugly tiled yellow wall that is supposed to be art.
We got to watch a practice this morning because it just so happens that the team is at home practicing instead of being off at training camp somewhere, so that was kind of cool.
Jason Whitten did a little post-practice interview before heading back for lunch.
After they finished their walk through we were able to go on field and in both the Cowboys and the cheerleader's locker rooms. We totally look like we belong, right?

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Jamie said...

You two could not be more awesome!