Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seven Falls

We didn't want to waste a single minute of Colorado time, so before we drove out of town we made one last stop for some sight seeing at Seven Falls located in South Cheyenne Canyon. At night, the falls are lit up with a computerized light display so they change color every few seconds. We rode the elevator up to the observation deck to take it all in for a while. We had a large group: Nick's grandparents, his aunt and uncle and a couple of cousins plus our group.
Nick, Trey and two of Nick's cousins decided that they wanted the ultimate waterfall viewing experience, so they climbed the 224 steps to the very top of the falls.
We even had a nice view of the Big Dipper while we were there.
It was the perfect way to end our time in Colorado. We literally left the falls, gassed up the car, and drove out of town around midnight. Since we were all traveling to the same place, Nick's uncle followed us the whole way so we had a bit of a caravan coming back. Twelve long hours later, we were back home in hot, sweaty Texas.

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