Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation: Manitou Springs, Colorado

Last night we hit the road for Colorado Springs, more specifically Manitou Springs. The trip started off a bit shaky when Trey had some second thoughts about leaving home for so long without his mom and dad. This was his first big trip away from them to a place he had never been, so it was a little bit scary. After some creative bribing on my mom's part involving a Playstation 3, he agreed to come as planned.

Along the way last night, Trey was enjoying the view out the window and exclaimed that he had never seen so many stars before! It was kind of cute, and that's pretty much the only thing West Texas is good for in my opinion.
When we arrived in Manitou Springs this morning, we were all very ready to be out of the car for a little while so we took the kids to a park to let them play. We had to kill a few hours before our hotel room was ready anyway. There is a really nice park across the street from it with a playground and a creek with some walking trails. The temperature was awesome (anything was better than 109 in Fort Worth, right?) and the scenery gorgeous.

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