Tuesday, August 2, 2011

YAWYK July Update

We maintained a fairly decent pace at removing items for the month of July. Part of this occured because Kate is starting to outgrow some of her 18 month clothes (but yet still has a few 12 month items that fit - standardized sizing, please?) and Nick cleaned out a bunch of shirts from his closet that he was hoarding. For the month of July, we removed 135 items.

Obtaining was a little bit of a different story. We obtained 109 items, and part of that I totally blame on the Carter's store for having an awesome 20% off clearance sale and Kate outgrowing some clothes. We'll try to do better in August.

So far in 2011 we have removed 1240 items and obtained 587 for a net total removed of 653 items.

If we could sell our house, I'm willing to bet the removed category would go way up again. We've been on the market just over 6 weeks now, and we've had 6 showings. I can't complain about the amount of activity, for sure. We've maintained our one per week average, so that's great. But no offers yet, which is not great and a little bit discouraging. I know, the buyer is out there and the activity is great in this market and all that jazz. I've heard all the encouraging well-intended words there are, and I appreciate them, I do. But they help about as much as those folks who can't stop themselves from saying stuff like "Just wait until Kate blah blah blah blah" every time I turn around. It's not helpful, in fact it just annoys me, so stop doing it.

There, I feel better.

On a positive note, the last showing we had was at 5 pm yesterday. It's now 8:02 the following morning and I feel pretty sure that is enough time to have come up with a lovely number and written out an offer for my property, don't you think?

Now for a photo...or two. Look at this picture and please tell me where this little girl came from? Just yesterday she was a baby. She doesn't look like a baby so much here.
Today I am packing our clothes and toiletries and some snacks because we are hitting the road for Colorado Springs. A lot of Nick's family is convening on the area so we will be doing lots of family activities as well as some standard sight seeing things on our own. We are also taking my little brother, and I know he is super excited. The following picture represent a bonus reason for our traveling to Colorado:

How insanely ridiculous is that forecast??? 109? WHY? That doesn't even include the heat index!  The highest it is projected to be in Colorado Springs while we are there is 88. When I get back home to this awful heat, someone please have a list of all the good reasons why I should continue to live in Texas because I'm going to need them.

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