Friday, August 5, 2011

Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

From Wikipedia: Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, also known as Will Rogers Shrine, is the tomb which holds the ashes of Spencer Penrose (1865-1939), a philanthropist who contributed many of the most prominent landmarks in Colorado Springs, including the neighboring Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Broadmoor Hotel. Completed by Penrose in 1937, it takes the form of an 80-foot observation tower on the side of Cheyenne Mountain. It overlooks the Broadmoor Hotel, and from the tower one can see the entire Colorado Springs metropolitan area and Garden of the Gods.

Persuaded not to name the structure after himself, Penrose instead named it in honor of his friend, Will Rogers, the American humorist who died in a plane crash in Alaska in 1935, during construction of the tomb.

It's a 1.4 mile drive up the mountain to the shrine. It has killer views.

We were able to watch a rain shower blow into town across the mountains, which was amazing to see. I wish I could blow them down to Texas. We really need the rain back home.

Nick drooled over the golf courses he spotted from the top. I think he counted six. Poor guy, he wanted to play golf while we were here so badly.

Look! It's the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

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