Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day @ Pop's

For Labor Day we headed to my Dad's in Forney to spend the night and hang out with my brother's family.  We hadn't been able to get together with them in a while, so it was a nice opportunity to see everyone.  Let me just say though, that spending one night somewhere with a toddler requires an awful lot of gear which I thought would get easier as she got older but apparently not.  It's almost just as easy to spend a week.

 We went for a walk after dinner Sunday night.  We wanted to make sure the kids were really worn out so that everyone would sleep well, being in a different place than usual.  Kate is used to her after-dinner walks, but Kylie and Logan were new to the concept.

Kate and Kylie held hands and stuck together pretty much the whole walk.  It's so sweet to see those girls loving on each other as if they get to see one another all the time.  Kate loves other children, and Kylie adores Kate.  I wish we could get them together more often.
 We ended up at a small playground in Dad's subdivision.  The kids, including my brother, had a good time.
  Then we headed back to the house as the sun was disappearing.  It was time for baths and bed.

 The next day, on Labor Day, we were awakened to beautiful weather, although it was windy.  Considering the ridiculously hot summer we've been dealing with this year, a windy day in the upper 80's was perfect.  We headed to the big park in town, which was a very popular destination.  Seems like everyone had the same idea - beautiful weather meant getting outside to soak it up.  We had originally intended to take the kids to the spray park or pool, but with the wind it was actually a bit too chilly for that.  A bit too chilly!!  Imagine that.

 Although it was just slightly over 24 hours together, I'm really glad that we were able to spend time with everyone.  We're approaching the time of year that we'll get to see everyone monthly, with birthdays and major holidays coming up.  This was the perfect way to kick start the fall!

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