Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walking With Kate

Walking with Kate is not a quick process.  It's more of a leisurely stroll.  She stops often.  She picks up rocks.  She examines holes in the sidewalk.  She points out dogs and trees and airplanes.  She walks into people's yards.  She occasionally tries to sneak up to the door and knock.  When she finds a rock or acorn or leaf or stick or marble or pecan or insert-object-here, she examines it and then decides if it is worthy of being brought back home.  If she has pockets, then the object must be placed in her pocket.  Otherwise, Mommy or Daddy has to carry it for her.  Except this marble that we found the other day.  She was very adamant on carrying that little treasure herself.

When we finally got back home, this was the collection of items that I had to carry back with us.  We placed them all in the flower bed for safe keeping.

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