Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat

This was Kate's first year to participate in Trunk or Treat at church.  Her costume this year is Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz.  She actually picked it out herself at Thrift Town.  We were walking by the rack of Halloween costumes about a month ago and she grabbed this Dorothy dress and would not let it go, not even to let me see what size it was or how much.  I had to convince her that I would give it back to her.  Since it was small enough to fit and only $3.99, I couldn't complain.

Every Dorothy must have her ruby slippers and I even found her a Toto to carry around in her basket, which she carried for about 5 minutes until she realized she needed both hands to grab candy from folks.  Daddy ended up with Toto after that.

It didn't take her very long to figure out the game plan - walk up to a car, looking all adorable, and hold out your bag for free candy.  The difficult part was keeping her from taking several pieces from the people who just offered her the whole bowl.  I am quite sure she'll have no problem getting used to actual trick or treating tomorrow night.

There were also some games set up, so we let Kate play one for a prize.  She threw balls into these buckets to win, but instead of stopping after she got the first ball in the bucket she decided to throw all 12 or so of them in so we hogged that game for a little bit.  She had an absolute blast at it though.

It was a good night, and we let Kate have a piece of candy when we got home.  She managed to eat the only Reese's pumpkin in her whole bag, and wouldn't you know that happens to be Mommy's favorite?  Oh well.  There's always tomorrow.

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