Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Craft Show

Karyn and I did our last craft show for the season.  It was last weekend and our first 2 day show.  Things were definitely busier on Saturday than Sunday, but we still both did really well.  I was excited to have so many sales.  I took some photos of our booth on Sunday morning before things got hopping.

 I think our booth set up got cuter with each show.  While not the most expensive backdrops, our home made fence piece was definitely unique and we got several compliments from other sellers on how cute the booth was.  That's good to know, since so many people use those pricey black wire mesh grids for hanging stuff.  Now if this craft show thing was something we were going to pursue long term, and we actually started making really good money, then I might look into buying those.  But for now, our little fence thing worked just great.

 I still love my crib back drops.  I added fabric to them before the last show and I really think it makes them so cute!
For now, we are not doing anymore craft shows until at least spring, if we decide to keep at it.  However, I have everything that was left listed online in my Etsy store, and I've already had several sales from it so I might just pursue craft selling online only.  It's certainly easier than doing the shows.  Check out my shop:

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