Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Thanksgiving" at Pop's

On Friday we met my brother and his family at my Dad's house for Thanksgiving with them, only we didn't eat regular Thanksgiving food again.  Pam fixed roast, potatoes and carrots instead, which was a nice change from the previous day's meal.
The kids were quite happy to see each other and played outside most of the day.  That evening, they stayed at the house with Nanny and Pop and helped decorate their Christmas tree while the mommies and daddies got to go to the movies to see Breaking Dawn.  That was a nice surprise!

 Nick and Jason climbed onto the roof so they could put up Dad's Christmas lights.  Guess we'll have to make a trip back in January to take them down, huh?  The kids were quite amused at the Dads on the roof and sat in their little chairs to watch.

That's the Christmas lights box.
  Logan and Kate kept sneaking over to the neighbor's house to sit on their landscaping stones, so I kept getting on to them and telling them to come back.  At one point, Kate put her head in her arms to hide from me and pout about being told no, so Logan sat down to console her.  It was too cute not to get a photo.

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