Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's this year.  I made a red velvet cake from my grandmother's recipe and I must say, Grandma would have been proud of that one.  It was good, for once!  I also made an apple cobbler, at Mom's request, a chocolate pie, ham (which was a brown sugar ham that I glazed with pumpkin butter), and I made rice dressing, which was always a Thanksgiving staple growing up at Grandma's house because her best friend is Cajun.  It's a creole jambalaya mix with sausage and hamburger meat.  I love it and pretty much made it just for me, but other folks ate some too.

Look at the lovely meringue!
Kate enjoyed her rolls very much, but I'm not sure that she ate anything else we put on her plate.  If there is bread around, she's pretty much content with just that.  She ate some cake too though.

After lunch, while we were sitting around miserable from our full tummies, Trey and Kate worked on building a train track in the floor and played with the trains for a little while.  Kate really seemed to enjoy that, so I wonder if perhaps a train is in her future, maybe next year?

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