Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Final Tally: YAWYK 2011

So we've come to the end of You Are What You Keep 2011.  I've actually found it quite easy to keep track of things just by hanging a list on the refrigerator, and although I'm sure we've missed some stuff coming in and going out I'm guessing we got a fairly accurate total.  Just for kicks, here is a recap of the year:

January: Remove 228, Obtain 78
February: Remove 238, Obtain 42
March: Remove 93, Obtain 100
April: Remove 60, Obtain 58
May: Remove 174, Obtain 105
June: Remove 312, Obtain 95
July: Remove 135, Obtain 109
August: Remove 70, Obtain 68
September: Remove 90, Obtain 44
October: Remove 66, Obtain 44
November: Remove 175, Obtain 67

December was a bit difficult, as I knew it would be.  Christmas time is always difficult for trying to get rid of more than you bring in, but I have to say I think we did a fairly good job.  We were in the red this month, but not by much.  In December, we removed 130 items for a grand total of 1771 items removed in 2011.  We obtained 154 items (holy moly!) for a grand total of 964 items obtained.  Our 2011 net total items removed is 807.

Obviously for a net total, I was no where near 2011.  But not factoring in the items obtained, we were only 240 items away from our goal.  I think that's pretty respectable!  I'm not sure yet if we'll keep it going for 2012, but I guess it won't hurt anyone.  It's sort of become a habit now anyway.

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