Wednesday, January 4, 2012


2012 is here. I have a few goals in mind for the year and I find the best way to ensure that you will at least try to make an effort to achieve some goals is to put them out there in the universe. If I keep them all to myself, there isn't much accountability there, right?

  • Be healthier. So this is pretty much stated each and every year, sometime around the beginning of for my whole life pretty much. I figure some day it has to stick though, right? Last year I ended about 23 pounds lighter than I started the year. That's great and all, but let's be honest - it should've been and could've been more. But obviously willpower is not my forte, or, well...I wouldn't have this same goal every year. So I'll throw it out there again.
  • Sell our house. Yes, we made an attempt in 2011 and were unsuccessful despite a steady stream of showings. But we've got some plans for a few minor improvements and come spring we're giving it another go. Let's hope we end 2012 in a different home than we started.
  • Grow my Etsy business.  I'll be honest with you - when I started my Etsy shop I wasn't sure what would happen.  Obviously I didn't sell as much stuff through the craft show circuit as I would have liked, and it was a whole lot of work for very little return.  So I threw almost all of that stuff into my Etsy store and hoped for the best.  164 sales later I am more than thrilled with the results.  I never expected to sell so much stuff!  I've sold 94 t-shirt scarves alone.  I'm extremely thankful and spending lots of my time trying to come up with new items to make as well as keep the things that are selling well in stock.  I'm excited for what this year could bring.
  • Stick with my Bible reading plan. I gave it a go last year, to stick with an actual reading plan instead of just reading randomly...and I got 64% through before I crashed.  This year I will do better!
  • Potty train Kate. She'll be 3.  So at some point this year I'm hoping she starts showing more interest in the whole potty situation other than just pretending to throw up in it randomly. (Ever since her last stomach bug, she will randomly state that "baby sick" and we have to go into the bathroom so she can pretend to throw up in the potty before she will do anything else. I figure it's just easier to go along with it rather than argue with a 2-year-old.)
  • Learn to sew.  I bought a sewing machine back in September. I had these grand plans that it would just take me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it and I could make a few simple things for the craft shows. sometime in December I actually opened the box and pulled the machine out for the first time, deciding that I would learn to use it even if I had to watch a dozen YouTube videos, only to discover that it didn't come with any thread or bobbins or whatchamacallits for me to actually be able to use it.  So back in the box it went and has sat ever since.  I have no grand plans for making Kate's clothes or anything like that...but I would like to be able to do some simple things.  So this year, I will do it.  

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