Thursday, January 12, 2012

The things kids say

We've had quite an interesting few weeks as Kate has become more and more vocal. She has been a bit of a slow speaker. She preferred for a long time to communicate through made-up signs that she used when she needed certain things, but lately she's been letting loose with the vocabulary.
Potty behaviors were one of the first things she really started talking about, and let me just tell you it's hard to keep a straight face when she points to her bottom, scrunches up her nose and says "Baby poo. Yuk." Often times she mistakes gas for poop, so when we check and she's all clear she proudly says "No poo!". Such was the case the other day, and I asked her if she was just gassy after checking her diaper and she said "yeah, baby gas."

She calls our dog, Maddie, "Wu-wu". We call her Lu-lu, a nickname I gave her several years ago. Occasionally Kate will call the cat "Tonks" but she mostly just refers to her as "kitty". We are back to being Momma and Daddy after she went through a phase of calling us Ma and Da.
She loves her babies, and pretty much all of them she just calls baby, including the ones she knows the names of like Barney (Ba), Elmo (Emo),Tigger (Ti), Shrek (Shek) and others. She has a little stroller she pushes them around in, which she calls the "shrow" and at night they all go to "beh".
Her favorite breakfast food and snack food...well she'd pretty much eat them for every meal if I let her, is pop tarts. She just calls them pop. She still likes crackers a lot (cra) and last night when it was snack time neither Nick nor myself could figure out what she was asking for in her bowl but it definitely sounded like profanity. We laughed quite a bit at that and never quite figured it out.
She's starting to through together sentences, which is fun and unexpected sometimes. It's really fun to watch her language evolve and I'm sure we'll have lots of fun stories as she starts talking more and more.

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MoODFoto said...

it's so good that this is being documented. She and You will love reading this again when she is an adult with her own child. :~)