Friday, December 23, 2011

Lil Michaelangelo

Kate got to paint the ornaments we made the other day.  She was so excited to get to use paints for the first time!  When I told her we were going to paint, she didn't understand but then I said we were going to color our ornaments with paint, and she seemed to grasp what I meant, although she still expected me to go get her crayons and markers.

It took her about 6 seconds to get the concept.  After that, she was off!  I showed her how we dip our paintbrush in water in between colors, and eventually she wanted to change colors every other stroke.  We went back and forth to the same colors again and again.  She had a blast!
 She was a little distraught every time she would get some paint on her hands though, so I had to keep a rag handy to clean them off immediately.
I think they turned out beautiful, and once they were all dry I put her name, age and year on the backs before sealing them.  I'm sure the grandparents who receive them will be very pleased with her handiwork.

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