Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hanging with Grandpa

Nick's Dad was in town until the wee hours this morning, when his flight left before anyone should have had to get out of bed.  Nick decided to ride with his uncle to the airport, and they all decided to go to breakfast too, so Nick just ended up spending the night over there last night so that they wouldn't have to leave that much earlier to go get him.  I briefly woke up when he got home this morning and as he was crawling into bed.  (He's currently snoring in there.)

Anyway, last night Joe came over for a little while to play with his girl.  Kate took the opportunity to show off for him, so I'm pretty sure every baby and stuffed animal she had ended up making an appearance at some point, as well as other toys.  They colored together for a while, played with her blocks, and of course tickle fights ensued.  It was a fun visit and I'm glad that he got to spend some quality time with her before he had to head back to Montana.

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