Saturday, December 24, 2011

No I will not!

In my mind, Kate is not old enough to start having an opinion on what clothes I put her in.  Occasionally she will turn down a pair of shoes in favor of her favorite tennis shoes, but as far as clothes go she never really complains about anything unless a pair of jeans has grown a little too snug and I didn't realize it when I put them on.

Last Sunday morning was very different.
Kate had a couple of hand-me-down Christmas dresses, and there are only so many Sundays in December so I've been trying to make sure she wore each of them before the holiday.  Last week it was time to put on the black velvet with the bright red plaid skirt (so cute!).  Kate had a different idea though.
For whatever reason, she does not like that dress.  I don't understand it.  Last week I held up that one and the solid green velvet one, and she immediately chose the green.  But I didn't realize that it was because she harbors some sort of inner hatred for the red plaid.
After a 15 minute battle, in which I had her completely ready to go at some point and she refused to cooperate, I let her choose her outfit.  She picked out a big fluffy tutu skirt.  So that's what she wore.

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