Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scarf Thief

I know I used these photos in a previous post...but I wanted to explain the story behind the scarf.
I found this awesome Old Navy scarf at Thrift Town a couple of weeks ago while Kate and I were on one of our many thrifting trips.  I have a soft spot for scarves, and this one had to come home with me.  Apparently I share this love of scarves with my daughter, because she has pretty much stolen it from me.
 Every time I try to wear this scarf, Kate has a fit for it and usually ends up with it.  She proudly pulls it around her neck, even though it is way too long for her.  Nevermind that she already has her own scarf that I relinquished a long time ago because she would not give it back.  No, she wants them all.
 Then she proceeds to repeat over and over, "Baby's scarf" and points repeatedly so that she knows that I know that this is her scarf.  Not Momma's.  Baby's scarf.
 But really, how do you argue with this kid?  It's both a blessing and a curse that she's so stinking cute.  Someday, when she figures out how to really use this to her advantage (not that she doesn't already have a pretty good idea), we are going to have real trouble.
 Until then, I guess I better find a new scarf.

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MoODFoto said...

LOL!! what a cutie! I love this post!