Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Resolved: January Update

I figure the best way to keep yourself on track with resolutions is to actually do a monthly report on your progress, right?  Accountability is typically the best way to go.  I listed 6 goals for 2012, so let's see how I'm doing on each one of them:
  • Be healthier:  I'm happy to say that I'm ending January 6 pounds lighter than I began it.  I decided a couple of weeks ago to rejoin Weight Watchers, since I had such good luck with that in the past. An online friend of mine also began an accountability group online that has helped tremendously, so I've been exercising a lot more than normal because I feel guilty when I don't get to report any activity to them.  I restarted the Ease into 5K program last week, and so far have logged 7.25 miles of running/walking.  
  • Sell our house: No news here.  I still have some plans for a few remodels, but so far I haven't had time to attack them. I hope to get busy in February because my original plan was to relist in March.  Of course I have no idea where I'm going to put all the stuff that has accumulated since I last cleaned out the house.  Where does this stuff come from??
  • Grow my Etsy business:  This one seems to be doing this all on its own.  I wasn't sure what would happen after the Christmas rush slowed, but I've been pleasantly surprised so far.  I even have a couple of customers who are starting to buy in bulk because they are reselling my items in local boutiques.  You know what, that doesn't bother me at all because I'm getting paid.  I do have plans for some new items and this weekend I'm going out of town for a scrapbook retreat, however I am spending my weekend creating products for the shop.  I'm taking about 70 t-shirts with me (thank you 1/2 price Goodwill days!) to see how much I can get done.  I need some peace and quiet and no distractions to get as much accomplished as possible. 
  • Stick with a Bible reading plan: I'd give myself a D in this one.  I haven't failed completely, but I haven't been as consistent as I should be.  I find myself playing catch up a lot.  
  • Potty train Kate: When Kate is at my mother-in-law's, she seems to be more interested in pottying than when she is at home.  She often wears pull ups over there, but at home she fights me and wants a diaper.    She won't hardly sit on her potty at home for me.  I'm taking this as a sign that she isn't quite ready, but of course I'm an amateur in this field so who knows.  
  • Learn to sew: Yeah, pretty much nothing to report here.  I did get a fabulous birthday gift from my in-laws for my birthday that consisted of a beginner's sewing kit.  I got pins, needles, scissors, little tools I have no clue how to use, a big cutting board, and a few other odds and ends.  Someday those are going to be handy. 

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