Thursday, March 1, 2012

Resolved: February Update

Time for an update to the Resolutions 2012.
  • Be healthier: I'm happy to report that I am beginning March 14 pounds lighter than January 1.  I have been progressing in my running and am now up to week 5 in my Ease into 5k program. I ran my first 5k last weekend in 46:34 and plan to sign up for one per month through May.  So far this year I have logged 35.26 miles of running/walking through my app.  I also purged several things from my closet that were too big and am in need of some shopping otherwise I'm going to be wearing the same 4 shirts over and over.
  • Sell our house: No news to report. I haven't had the time to do anything I planned to do and I still can't figure out what to do with all the stuff I use for my Etsy shop. So while I wanted to be able to relist today, it's just not quite time yet. April?
  • Grow my Etsy business: My online shop has been chugging along nicely. I've been working on some new jewelry items to cover the hot summer months when I don't expect to sell many scarves.
  • Potty train Kate: She occasionally will use the potty but mostly she just wants to sit on it and read books.  Often I can't even get her to do that. I'm still thinking we're not quite ready.
  • Learn to sew: Um.....yeah, nothing to say here. I have plenty of people who can teach me, but I just flat don't have the time (or rather don't want to make the time) to learn. Maybe at some point I should just sign up for a class because if there's money involved, it means business, right? For now, I have too much to do at the house for that. 
  • YAWYK: I've also been keeping up with You Are What You Keep for 2012 like we did in 2011.  Since it had become a habit to write things down I just saw no reason to stop.  So for January we started off with 137 items removed (thanks for having a garage sale Mandy!) and 75 items obtained.  In February, we removed 86 items (more garage goodies and clothes that are too big!) and obtained 70. So far in 2012 we've removed 223 items and obtained 145 for a net total removed of 78 items. We're off to a decent start.

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