Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Elmo Makes Music!

Last Friday I took Kate to her first out-of-the-womb concert: Elmo Makes Music!  (Technically she's been to Def Leppard, but I doubt she remembers it although I was kind of freaked out about the loud music that felt like it was literally shaking her around in my belly.)  Anyway, she loves Elmo so I figured she would really get a kick out of seeing him live.  Of course everyone else was there too, including a few characters that I didn't even know.  We don't actually watch Sesame Street, although I've tried a few times.  Other than the 15 minute Elmo segment, she could care less.  She does know who several of the characters are because they make appearances in her Elmo DVDs.
When everyone first came on stage, she leaned into me and was a little hesitant.  I'm glad I didn't spring for the close up seats because I think she really would have been freaked out, but I assured her that they were staying way over there and she relaxed.  Eventually she wanted out of my lap so she could stand on the bar (we were on the first row of our section) and dance around.  She was pretty much mesmerized after that.
I think the show was a little long for a two-year-old.  After intermission, we went to the restroom and she wasn't really interested in sitting back down after that.  I had to convince her to watch the rest of the show, so she obliged but she kept asking if Kate could go walk around.
We looked at the over-priced goodies they were selling afterward and I was actually going to consider buying something if she just really had a fit for it, but the only thing she said she wanted was an Elmo doll and I had brought hers from home so ta-da!  Mommy saved $15 on that one.
I'm sure she won't remember it down the road but for now she keeps talking about going to Elmo's house, so it was worth the money to me.

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