Wednesday, March 14, 2012

7 Years

Yesterday was our seventh anniversary. We are getting close to 10 years! That's a little bit mind boggling to me. It was my job to plan our festivities so I booked us a room at the Pomegranate Cottages in Granbury, Texas for Sunday night and Nick took Monday off work so we could spend the day in Granbury. Yia-yia took Kate for the night, so we were all set for a lovely overnight stay alone.
The Pomegranate House and Cottages was awesome. Rather than everyone stay in one large house, each "room" was it's own little cottage. We were in the Carriage House (pictured above), which was tucked away in a back corner of the property so we really felt like we were all alone. There's a huge 300 year old oak tree sitting out front, and I spent a little time on the porch reading. I loved the cottage.

When we arrived there were fresh homemade cookies and chips for snacks on the back porch, then on Sunday evening there was some delicious butter gooey cake on the back porch for us to enjoy. Breakfast on Monday morning was delicious - apple pancakes, sausage, and a cheesy potato casserole along with some fresh fruit. (I tried kiwi- did NOT like it.) Sunday evening we decided to eat Babe's Chicken on the square. Everyone raves about Babe's and neither of us had ever been. It was okay, but not anywhere near the best fried chicken I've ever had. Their mashed potatoes were instant, for crying out loud! So the meal was just so-so, but the company was excellent. After dinner we drove over by the lake and went for a walk during sunset.  We walked all the way down to the end of the pier and then I suggested we jog back, which we did. In hindsight that wasn't the best idea since we had literally just left the restaurant, but it was still kind of fun.

Monday we walked around the square and spent some money at the little shops down there. Nick bought me a cute bracelet I spotted, and we bought a few things for Kate. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were happy to be outside. We had Ayala's Mexican food for lunch on the balcony. Nick ordered his standard tamales and I tried the shrimp ceviche, which was really good. Eventually it was time to head back to reality but for 24 hours or so we definitely enjoyed just being in each other's presence with no kiddo to worry about. We knew she was in good hands at Yia-yia's house. I don't even think Kate missed us, actually.
  The backyard of the property was completely shaded by this huge, extremely old oak tree.  There is a swing, fire pit, plenty of chairs, a koi pond, anda  guest cabana stocked with movies, books and puzzles for you to enjoy. At night, the backyard was lit up with lots of garden lighting and twinkle lights strung everywhere. It was so beautiful!
 Our bathroom was super cool.  That bathtub was over 3' deep, and it took forever to fill up but you better believe I enjoyed a bath in that thing!  I told Nick if we had one of those at home he would probably find me in it every day when he got home from work.  It was awesome.  The shower actually had two shower heads (one out of the picture) and no door, which I thought was really awesome until I took a shower Monday morning and there was a cool draft coming in from the lack of door.  So if I were going to build a big glass shower like that, I'd definitely put a door on it even though it looks cool without.

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