Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cooking with Nana

Kate is learning all kinds of things in the kitchen from her Nana and Yia-yia.  I love that they let her help in the kitchen and that she is learning to cook and bake.  These are things that she will always need to know how to do, and years from now she will fondly look back on her time spent in the kitchen with two very important women in her life. She even has her own super cute apron that her Aunt Karyn made for her.  She had outgrown the first one that she had.  She's one lucky kid.
On our way into town from our anniversary trip, we stopped at HEB and picked up some fresh catfish fillets from the fish market.  Using Zatarain's Fish-fri and Panko bread crumbs, Kate helped coat the fish and then they were baked in the oven  instead of fried.  It's so delicious and a much healthier alternative to frying the catfish without sacrificing the yummy taste of fried catfish.  They used the same batter to fry some pickles too. (yum!)

Of course the obvious dangers to allowing other people to teach Kate things in the kitchen is that you never know what disgusting habits they will pass on to her, such as drinking the leftover pickle juice. Now Yia-yia claims this got started innocently enough when she had to drink some of the pickle juice because the jar was too full and Kate just happened to walk into the kitchen and saw her.....but I just don't know if I believe that or not.  
It just makes me cringe!!

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{mandy} said...

i agree...that's gross!