Monday, March 19, 2012

Hiking with Uncle Trey

We picked up Trey on Friday (last day of Spring break!) so he could go eat lunch with us and go to the park.  Kate always wants to go to the park, all the time, no matter what time of day.  She's predictable in only two ways:
Me/Daddy/Anyone: "Kate, what do you want to do?"
Kate: "Go park!"

Me/Daddy/Anyone: "What do you want to eat?"
Kate: "Go Cici's, eat pizz!"

So Friday was the day.  We stopped at Cici's for some lunch, where Kate ate 2 pieces of cheese pizza and of course a cinnamon roll, and then we headed over to Adventure World.  The kids played on the equipment for a little bit, but the really fun aspect of Adventure World is the hiking and walking trails behind the park.  They stretch for quite a ways back into a wooded area behind several neighborhoods in the area.  It's just a dirt path, so a lot of people ride bikes through there and there are places where it's even wide enough to get a small ATV (we saw one that day).  When Kate finally said "go walk" Trey was very happy to oblige.
For some reason hiking just isn't the same without your own personal stick, so each of them grabbed one and proceeded to beat on stuff and draw in the dirt with them.  Whatever Trey did with his stick, Kate followed suit.  Occasionally she would make him switch sticks with her, and sometimes she would completely discard her stick in search of a new one.
The weather was really nice in the shade of all the trees. There was a good breeze, but once we hit the sun it got just a tad warm.  I'm so not ready for the hot weather I know is coming, and I know Kate won't understand why we can't always go outside to play when it appears so gorgeous and sunny from the safety of the window.  I'm pretty sure that girl would spend all of her time playing outside.

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