Friday, March 23, 2012

Fort Worth Zoo

Today I became a Fort Worth Zoo member. It made sense to me since Kate is free until she turns 3 and we only have to go 4 times to pay for the membership for me.  We spent about 4 hours walking the zoo today, and I let Kate walk the whole time. I didn't even take the stroller in because my plan was to walk her until she was exhausted. Turns out I had to almost force her to leave!

She was all about finding the "big kitties" today, but all of the big cats were asleep when we saw them. So I had to do a lot of pointing up on ledges and overhangs to show her the big kitties. She was very excited about the elephants and the bonobos monkeys though.  They have a baby bonobo right now that is just about Kate's size and so cute.
We had a great day and I'm hoping for more beautiful weather next week so we can go again.

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