Sunday, April 1, 2012

Early Easter/Birthday Fun!

We spent the afternoon with Yiayia, Nana, Bill, Aunt Karyna nd Uncle Gerald. Since it's Nick's 31st birthday (happy birthday dear!!) we went out there for lunch. Because we will be in Washington, DC on Easter Sunday they decided we would also have some Easter fun today for Kate. She colored a dozen eggs, she hunted a bunch of plastic eggs filled with all kinds of goodies from aunt Karyn, and she got two new Care Bears, a stuffed bunny, a new quilt from Aunt Karyn, and some other goodies.  For his birthday, Nick got a new weed eater! His has been giving him trouble for a while. I bought him a Mophie for his iPhone for his birthday.

Kate wore her new Easter dress that Nana and Yiayia made, complete with her little jacket even though it was not the least bit cold here today. She refused to wear the dress without the jacket, so we went with it. She got lots of compliments and someone even called it her "Jackie O" look.

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