Saturday, March 31, 2012

Resolved: March Update

It's monthly resolution update time!

  • Be healthier: I have lost 18 pounds since January 1. March was a bit of a slow month for weight loss, it feels like, but then again I'm probably also losing at an acceptable rate which I guess is good. I'm now into week 6 of my Ease into 5k training program, although I've repeating certain weeks when I didn't feel ready to move on yet. Right now I'm repeating week 6 day 1 every time I run, which is two 9 minute runs with a 3 minute walk in the middle and the standard 5 minute warm up and cool down walks. Day 2 of week 6 bumps it up to a full 20 minute run, and right now I don't feel like I'm ready to do that without some sort of break in the middle. When I feel ready, I'll move on.  I've logged 53.04 miles of running since I started January 23.  I'm finally starting to wear many of my pre-pregnancy clothes, which is great and you know what? It's about freaking time, I know. I'm also having a bit of a food revolution when it comes to what I eat. I'm trying to really understand my relationship with food so that I can keep myself from ever having to travel this road again.
  • Sell our house: I'm kind of in a stand-still with the house. The motivation in that arena has not hit me yet.
  • Grow my Etsy business: I've been selling some of my new jewelry stuff and scarves are still selling, much to my surprise. So I'm cool.
  • Potty train Kate: We are leaving for vacation this coming week, so it would be crazy to attempt to tackle something like that before then. I feel like once things settle down a bit, perhaps it will be time to go head on into potty training, but not yet.
  • Learn to sew: I'm not even sure why I keep updating this. Nothing new, however I did talk myself out of buying a fabric remnant the other day because so far all I've done is collect a huge bag full of them.
  • YAWYK: We removed 108 items in March and obtained 79. Our total removal for the year so far is 331 with a total of 224 obtained for a net total removed of 107 items. I can live with that.
In other news, I won a Conair Weight Watchers Inspirational scale on Twitter and it arrived in the mail today! Don't worry, I counted it. I like to win stuff.

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