Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sea Life Aquarium

Friday Kate and I met up with Aunt Karyn and Uncle Gerald at Sea Life Aquarium in the Grapevine Mills Mall. It's pretty new and I haven't been out to see it since it opened, so when Karyn said they were going we happily tagged along. Considering that it's an aquarium in a mall, it's a lot nicer than one might imagine. It's not the largest aquarium I've been to by any means, but it does have a short tunnel with sharks. The octopus exhibit just opened this Spring, and that was really cool to see. The octopus was moving all over the tank for us, and Kate really liked the little baby one that kept dancing in front of her.
Kate didn't quite understand when I said we were going to the aquarium, so I told her we were going to see animals yesterday, which of course she equates with the zoo. All the way to the mall she kept talking about seeing the monkeys. When we got there and there were no monkeys, I don't think she was too disappointed. She enjoyed the fish, after we convinced her that they couldn't get her. I can understand, when you are that small and some of these fish are bigger than you, that seeing one swim towards you through an invisible wall would make you a little hesitant to step closer. I explained to her that fish had to stay in the water so they couldn't come out to get her, which she kept repeating I think to reassure herself.
She also wasn't sure about the clear glass floor that you could stand on over the sting ray tank. I couldn't get her to walk out on it...even I was a little hesitant at first! I'd hate to be the first person to fall through the floor, you know. So when we got around to the tunnel and the only way through it was to walk on a solid glass floor, we thought we might be in a little bit of trouble but eventually she stepped out and was quite amazed at the fish below her.
Before you enter the exhibit, a nice little guy takes your photo, one with everyone smiling and the second with everyone making a scared face at a pretend octopus attacking you. Kate wouldn't even look at the poor guy, and then right when he snapped the photo she turned. We thought it was a lucky coincidence until we saw the picture and she pretty much looks like the evil kid in a horror flick that kills you just by staring at you. See exhibit A:
However I think our "scared of the octopus" photo is quite fun:

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