Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baking with Mommy

About a week ago I received a Facebook email from a lady who works for The Learning Tower company asking me if I would be interested in submitting a recipe and some photos of Kate and I baking that recipe while she was using her Learning Tower.  They would be used in an online cookbook for this summer, so I said sure and today Kate and I fulfilled our end of the agreement by baking and taking photos.

I had everything all set up; tripod, camera, flash, and my remote.  We started mixing the ingredients for our cookies and I felt a little like a celebrity while we took photos in our own little photo shoot set up in the kitchen. If Kate was curious about the camera situation she didn't say anything because she was more excited about cookies than wondering what her crazy mother had set up.
At some point during the mixing process Kate realized that the camera was taking our picture whenever I'd push the button on my remote. So she asked if she could "do dat please?" and I handed her the remote for a little bit. I think she had more fun taking our pictures than she did making the cookies.  I'll post a link or screen shot from the online book when it's ready, assuming they use our photos.
 They also asked for a photo of the finished product. Note the cleverly placed glass of milk just inviting you to take a bite. Yeah, I'm a pro. HA HA HA

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