Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Resolved: April Update

It's time to check in again!

  • Be Healthier: I've lost 21.5 pounds since January 1.  I'm still running, although I haven't moved forward from week 6 in my training app yet. I'm still struggling and needed that break in the middle of my 9 minute runs, but it's getting easier and I hope it's not long that I'll be back on track. Going on vacation caused a kink in the system, and I didn't run while we were gone because we walked so much while sight-seeing that I just didn't want to run after all that.  I've logged 66.24 miles. 
  • Sell our house: *sigh* I can't decide if I'm just being lazy or if God is saying "wait".  Perhaps 2013 is our year? I don't know.
  • Grow my Etsy business: Still chugging along nicely. 
  • Thirty-one: New category! Apparently I felt like my life wasn't busy enough, and I signed up to become a Thirty-one consultant a couple of weeks ago.  I love their products, and I had toyed with the idea in the past but then sort of let it fall by the wayside. A friend had a party this month and I attended, and I just decided sort of on a whim to go for it. I talked to Nick about it of course, and I don't have grand plans of making thousands of dollars each month but a little extra money here and there isn't all bad...and the discount is great. You can see (and shop!) my website here: My Thirty-one.  I had my first catalog party in April and it closed at over $300, and I have my big debut party this weekend at my house (I hope people come!) so we will see what happens.  I also already have another catalog party, an in-home party, and an open house multi-vendor even this month. 
  • Potty Train Kate: A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Kate about the potty (we've been doing that a lot) and she said to me "Daddy teetee potty. Mommy teetee potty. Kate wear dipe."  So that's kind of where we are. Occasionally she'll sit on the potty for me, so I've been encouraging it. But often when I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty she either completely ignores me or cries. Since I don't want her to associate negative feelings with sitting on the potty I don't push it. I guess she's just not ready. I need to implement some kind of reward system perhaps, because my kid is very reward driven.
  • Learn to Sew: I should stop even adding that bullet.
  • YAWYK: April was a rough month for removing up until the last day and I went on a cleaning spree.  We were going to be upside down.  But I'm happy to report that I was able to turn it around and we removed 118 items in April and obtained 52 items.  We have removed 449 items in 2012 and obtained 276 for a net total removed of 173. 

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