Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fort Worth Zoo

I think it's a requirement when you go on vacation with children that you visit the zoo. So on Friday, that's what Jason and Heather did with the kids. Kate and I tagged along and brought Trey as well.  I used my handy membership to get them in cheaper, and we took advantage of my 10% discount for food too.
It rained a bit on Friday morning, so when we got to the zoo there was hardly any other people there.  It still looked like it might rain some more, and although it never did it certainly kept people away for a little while which was nice. As a zoo veteran I also knew that to begin you head straight to the back, so we took the train back to the Texas Wild section and there were literally no other people around besides us for the first 30-45 minutes, save for the occasional zoo keeper. It was fabulous. The kids ran wild and didn't bother a soul.
We saw lots of animals of course, had snacks and let the kids play. They got to ride the carousel and climb in the stagecoach. After lunch it started to get more crowded and h-o-t. We managed to see all the animals we wanted to see and ended our trip with ice cream for everyone to cool off before heading home.

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