Thursday, June 7, 2012

Resolved: May Update.

Ok, ok, so I've been told I need to update my blog, which is true, and I haven't even done my May resolutions update so I guess I'll start with that.

  • Be Healthier: Can you say PLATEAU?  Or perhaps LAZINESS?  So May was kind of a stand-still, derail-the-healthy-new-lifestyle, get-lazy-with-running-because-it's-getting-so-hot-outside month.  The stupid part is that there was really no need for me to let that happen.  But you have one bad week, and then that turns into two bad weeks, and the next thing you know it's been a while month and you haven't lost a freaking pound. Hey, it's better than gaining a pound, but still.  I hate seeing that flat line on the report when it's been such a steady decline since January. So June is the month of redemption and getting back on track. I have logged 76.67 miles since January.  I didn't totally skip running in was just very sporadic.
  • Sell our house: 2013. That's the new plan. I just don't have time to mess with it now.
  • Grow my Etsy business: Selling scarves in the summer - who would've thought? But I am so I'm happy. Obviously not as many as in the fall, but I've had some time to work on inventory to prepare me for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Thirty-one: You can see (and shop!) my website here: My Thirty-one. May was an awesome month.  I did 4 parties and sold over $2000. Yeah; hello commission.  I'm also really trying to get out there for June because Nick okay'd me going to National Conference in August in Atlanta! I'm SOO excited...and it's mostly thanks to having awesome friend connections that can hook you up with flights for el cheapo. Otherwise it wouldn't have been possible.  I'm drinking the Thirty-one kool-aid, so they say.
  • Potty Train Kate: Um, so I'm not sure that Kate even cares to stop peeing and pooping on herself. I managed to get her to set on the potty ONE TIME the entire month of May. Every other time I've made the effort she's cried or said "No thank you" and she keeps informing me that "Kate wear dipes".  Were it not for the fact that I really, really, REALLY don't want to have to keep cleaning up pee all day long I'd just stop putting any clothes on her at all until she had no choice. But oh yeah, I have the one toddler in the entire world that HATES not being fully clothed.  At this point I'm beginning to wonder if we'll have to start buying Depends at some point.
  • Learn to Sew: *insert laughter here*
  • YAWYK: In May we removed 66 items and obtained 41 for a net removal of 25 items.  We have removed 515 items in 2012 and obtained 317 for a net total removed of 198. 

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Jamie said...

Brandi, these are cracking me up! I think the average age for potty-training in the States is 3, so no big worries. We've been easing Luke into potty-training for months, and he's also been a, "No, actually I pee in my diaper, thanks," kind of guy until two weeks ago, and we have only had one accident. (Just fyi: I'm not going hard-core; when we leave the house, he's in a diaper, and same for naps and bed times.) I'll tell you my secret weapon with Luke: Elmo. He's never even watched Sesame Street, but he loves Elmo. I found an Elmo YouTube video that taught him how to brush his teeth (after battling with him every day for months), and it turns out there is a great potty-training Elmo episode, too. We watched it, and the next day, we spent the morning out of diapers ... we also let him pick out his underwear, which helps. Maybe Kate will come around in the next few months!