Sunday, July 29, 2012

Krystal and Scruffy

Nick's sister surprised us all by running off and getting married this month. She's happier than I've ever known her to be since I met her a few short years ago, which makes me happy for her. I certainly can't fault them for just getting married without a formal wedding or family around, considering that Nick and I did the same thing. In fact I think life would be much easier without wedding drama and fru-fru garb, but that's my opinion.  So they kept it all about themselves and who can say anything about that?

They came down to Texas from Colorado Springs a couple of weekends ago so we could meet her groom, who goes by Scruffy. It's not his real name, don't worry, just a nickname that he prefers to Mike.

I took them down the road to the very small town of Flint and snapped some pictures of know, because that's what I do for people.

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